Rev. Myra’s Biography


I am Myra Robinson, an Interfaith Chaplain and Soul Coach; ordained through the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME) in June 2016, and I Love my job!

  • I am also an Artist, Author, Musician, Poet, and Singer/ Songwriter
  • I facilitate Workshops & officiate Weddings, (among other things)
  • I live and work in Southern Maine, New England, USA

Personal Mission Statement:

I embrace my power to let Spirit flow from the music of my soul.
I beautify the world with my creativity and compassion.
I empower people to navigate life’s transitional moments and transformations toward their best possible outcome.
I am a channel for Grace and I make a difference.


Although I worked as a Medical Secretary before finding my calling (a ministry of music and motivation), I was always involved through the years with singing, and organizations that help people. Being ordained just stepped that up a notch and inspired me to form my own company. Here’s a bit of my history:

  • Charter member, Voices in Harmony Community Chorus, 2001 to present
  • President /Volunteer Coord. of non-profit, Saco Coffeehouse, 2002 – 2012
  • Founder /Lead Singer-Songwriter of band, Bluezberry Jam, 2006 – 2017
  • Charter member, Harbour Singers (end-of-life bedside sings), since 2007
  • Musician of the Week, Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center 2015
  • Minister of the Week, Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center 2016
  • Mentored incarcerated women through My Sister’s Keeper, 2015 – 2017
  • Minister of the Week, Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center 2017
  • Respite Caregiver /Companion to the elderly, 2017 to present
  • Guest Clergy (Sermons, Memorials, Rituals) & Soul Coach, 2016 – present

Facilitated Workshops & Classes Taught

I developed my workshop, and created opportunities to spread my message:

  • AffirMantraTM Workshops all over N.E. from Ipswich, MA to Portland, ME
  • Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice (a 12-week course for women), Saco, ME
  • Creative Songwriting Course, Adult Ed. Old Orchard Beach, ME
  • How to be a Different Drummer (class), Saco, ME
  • Coordinator of week-long “In the Company of Women” Conference, Saco, ME

Awards & Certificates

  • Graduation Certificate & Ordination from 2 year ChIME program, 2016
  • Wise Management of Grief Annual Seminar Certificates from 2014 to 2018
  • Volunteer Appreciation Award from the Cumberland County Jail, in 2017
  • Graduation Certificate from New Ventures Maine, 2018


ChIME Alumni Association

Interfaith Ministers of New Endland

Unitarian Universalist Association

Parliament of World’s Religions

Favorite Quote:

~ “We must be the change we want to see in the world.”   ~ Mahatma Gandhi