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    Drawing on years of experience with music and sound methodology, I teach groups of people how to create an AffirMantra™ (their own personalized affirmation, set to their own intuitive melody); educating along the way about mindfulness, the history and use of therapeutic sound to enhance healing, transformation, and learning. How did you learn your ABC’s?  Exactly. 

    Wow Factor Weddings

    There are certain special weddings that stand out and leave you with an awe-inspiring memory to take away, and my “Wow Factor” Wedding is one of them. First, I customize the ceremony with the couple so it is uniquely yours (no cookie-cutter rhetoric); then I present the opportunity to lovingly co-create their Relationship AffirMantra™, and have it performed during the ceremony! I can sing it, or you can (sung or spoken), or it can be kept private, of course. 

    An AffirMantra™ Wedding is a memorable and touching expression of unity, and a powerful way to begin a new chapter in life. 


    Channeling Grace can mean getting “in the zone” creatively, which opens the door for a variety of inspired products and services. 

    I‘m delighted to offer my Chaplaining skills in the form of Spiritual Counsel / Soul Coaching (available on an individual basis) to those in need; via phone, facetime, Skype, or in person.


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